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Staying safe in the great staycation of 2020

By Earl Angell | Press Releases | July 2020

The school holidays have started

And whilst for most children it will be no different than the last 3 or 4 months, the summer holiday means holiday season is well and truly upon us.  With travel restrictions relaxing across the whole of the United Kingdom,  millions of us will be ditching the usual holiday abroad in favour of one much closer to home.  This means that we will be booking hotels, getting our caravans out of storage or packing up the camping gear ready for the ‘Great Staycation of 2020’. 

With so many people holidayig in the UK, it will however be a bumper hunting season for opportunist car thieves.  

So how can you protect your car and belongings during your holiday?


Firstly, check the reviews

Not everybody writes reviews of the places they have been, but you can bet that they will if they have had a bad experience and falling victim to car crime is one of the worst. 

Check the reviews of the place you will be staying; if there have been break-ins or thefts in the past they are bound to be on there, warning you to be extra vigilant with your property


What car do you have?

Some cars are more likely to be stolen than others. Is your car on this list? If so you might want to consider some extra security measures (7 ways to protect your vehicle from theft) because whilst a break-in while on holiday is bad, having your pride and joy stolen will ruin the whole week!


Close your windows

You’re in the holiday mood, you feel safe and it is hot outside, so you might be tempted to air the car out and keep it cool.  Unfortunately however, leaving your windows open is a bona-fide invitation to any would-be thief to reach in and see what they can take.  In fact, studies have shown that even regular, generally law abiding people are much more likely to steal something if easy access is provided.  

So whilst it might get very hot inside the car, when you are not driving, keep the windows closed and the doors locked. 


Keep Valuables out of sight

For most people going about their daily business this is easy to do – after all it has been drummed in to us all since we first took to the wheel.  But when you are on holiday, with your boot stuffed full of everything but the kitchen sink and the back seats filled with duvets and pillows it may be tempting to leave your phone, tablet or laptop on the seat while you stop at michaelwood services for a coffee.  Thieves operate everywhere – campsites, motorway services, car parks etc. so no matter where you stop, if you leave valuables on show you are a potential target.  Always ensure they are completely out of site, or better yet take them with you.


Wipe your windscreen

When you remove your sat-nav or phone holder from the windscreen you will most probably leave a ring on the glass.  This for a thief is a tell-tale sign that there could be some valuable technology hidden in the glove compartment and they’re much more likely to break in to check.  

Making sure to wipe your windscreen means there would be no reason for the opportunistic thief to even consider breaking in to your vehicle. 


Park in a well-lit area

It is common knowledge that car thieves, like vampires are afraid of the light and prefer to commit their misdeeds under the cover of darkness.  When you leave your car in a car park, try not to put it away in a dark corner, rather leave it under a street light and preferably in an area covered by CCTV


By following the tips above...

Trackstar S5 and S7 Box shots

You stand the best chance at avoiding a break whilst on holiday. 

Seeing as the summer holiday will likely be the longest journey undertaken by most people for a number of months, why not check out our other article for tips on how to prepare your car to go back out on the road, by clicking here.


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