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the differences between s5 and s7 trackers

The realm of vehicle security can seem complex, but when it comes to protecting your vehicle, understanding the best tracking options, or which tracking option is right for you, is vital.  In this article, we will unravel the mysteries of S7 and S5 trackers, outlining what they are, their applications, 

the differences between the two and why in the case of tracking systems, a higher number (S7 vs S5) doesn’t mean more security. Vehicle trackers, which are usually hardwired to your vehicle’s electrical system, or battery powered, have become increasingly essential on our society.  With upwards of 120,000 vehicles stolen every year in the UK (one every five minutes,) trackers provide not just peace of mind, but tangible security benefits, potentially saving vehicle owners from substantial financial losses. 

What are Stolen vehicle trackers?

Stolen Vehicle trackers are sophisticated devices that use location based technology to monitor a vehicle’s location. This can be via GPS, VHF, Cellular Triangulation, Bluetooth or other technologies.  They provide real-time tracking capabilities, and in the unfortunate event of a vehicle theft, play a pivotal role in swift recovery

Who needs Stolen Vehicle trackers

In an age where vehicle theft rates are worryingly high, Stolen Vehicle Trackers can be seen as essential for almost anyone, however specific groups are more likely to require tracking as a condition of their insurance, or to mitigate an enhanced risk due to their vehicle.

High value vehicles are a tempting prospect for car thieves.  With their high resale value, high cost of parts, high insurance costs and being desirable status symbols, those with high value cars, over £50,000 are often targets of vehicle theft.

A unique vehicle can also be high value, but it doesn’t have to be. Unique vehicles can be relatively cost effective classics, but with scarcity of parts, these vehicles are often the target of thieves looking to sell parts on the black market.

Some parts of the UK are more prone to vehicle theft than others, and often it doesn’t matter the value of the car.  those living in higher risk areas may be required by their insurance to obtain a stolen vehicle tracker as the condition of insurance due to the increased chance of falling victim to a theft. 

This year, we compiled a list of the highest theft areas in the UK. Click here to read now

Public figures, celebrities, or individuals who may be at a higher risk of targeted theft due to their status or prominence. 

Unfortunately, if you’ve been a victim of theft in the past, you are statistically more likely to become a victim of theft again in the future.  These people may require Stolen Vehicle Tracking as a condition of their insurance, or indeed for their own peace of mind.

Understanding Thatcham research

Thatcham Research, a name you will frequently encounter when researching Stolen Vehicle Trackers is a UK-based motor insurers’ automotive research centre. Known for setting vehicle safety and security standards, Thatcham provides classification for alarm systems, immobilisers, and Stolen Vehicle Tracking systems.  For Stolen Vehicle Tracking systems there are two main classifications – S7 and S5. 

S7 Trackers

Designed for a wide range of vehicles, S7 trackers provide an essential level of of tracking services that many insurers recognise

Locating Capabilities:

S7 Trackers can locate your vehicle anywhere in the country, and in the case of Trackstar can be located anywhere across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand using a network of national service providers, offering recovery and police liaison support in all major European Languages

Real-time Monitoring:

When a theft is reported, or automatically recognised by the Stolen Vehicle Tracker, the tracking company can monitor your vehicle’s location in real-time.

Theft Detection:

S7 Stolen Vehicle Trackers can detect when your vehicle is being towed, lifted or otherwise moved without ignition, sending an immediate alert to the emergency monitoring centre.

S5 Trackers

S5 Stolen Vehicle Trackers, on the other hand offer a higher level of security and are often required for more high-value or lucity vehicles. S5 trackers can do everything the S7 can do however they have the addition of Driver Recognition.

Designed to counteract Relay Attack or other keyless methods of vehicle theft, S5 Tracking systems offer enhanced security by identifying when a vehicle is being driven by an unauthorised user.  An immediate theft alert is sent, vastly increasing the chances of a successful recovery. 

See our products

At Trackstar, we have created an array of thoughtfully designed Stolen Vehicle Tracking products, with your vehicle and your lifestyle in mind.  As part of our commitment to sustainability, with our EcoEV and Leisure products, your purchase plants 10 trees, offsetting over a ton of carbon throughout the trees’ lifetime. 

If you think you would benefit from the added protection of a Stolen Vehicle Tracker, take a look below. 

Trackstar Secure S5

£449.00£848.00 Inc. VAT

High security tracking
  • Thatcham S5 approved
  • Driver recognition technology
  • Installation included

Trackstar Secure S7

£299.00£698.00 Inc. VAT

Affordable Thatcham S7 approved Tracking
  • Thatcham Approval
  • Compatible with all passenger vehicles
  • Installation included

Driver Recognition Tags

£7.49£42.00 Inc. VAT

Replacement DRTs
  • S5 Replacement casing and Tag
  • CAT 5 Replacement casing and Tag
  • S5 Advance Replacement Casing and Tag

Trackstar Secure “EcoEV” S5

£449.00£848.00 Inc. VAT

Designed Specifically for EV
  • Trees planted on purchase
  • Ultra-quiet technology
  • Thatcham S5 Approved

Trackstar Secure Ultimate S5

£1,198.00 Inc. VAT

The ultimate in stolen vehicle tracking.
  • Ultra-high security
  • Back-up sleeper module
  • Signal Jamming Mitigation

Trackstar Secure Leisure S5

£449.00£848.00 Inc. VAT

Designed for you and your lifestyle
  • Thatcham S5 approved
  • Installation included
  • Winter Storage Sentry Mode
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