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Trackstar Secure “EcoEV” S5

Made for Alternative fuels

The Trackstar Secure EcoEv S5 is designed for the technologically minded, environmentally conscious driver. In a changing world where sustainability and safety are paramount, the Trackstar EcoEv S5 tracking system provides peace of mind by offering stolen vehicle tracking in the event of a theft and enhanced security features like driver recognition, and the option to set geofences anywhere in the world. Its cutting-edge multi-method tracking technology and eco-friendly approach make it the ideal solution for drivers who prioritise both their vehicle’s security and our shared planet’s wellbeing.

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Carbon Negative
You buy The Trackstar Secure EcoEV and we plant trees. not just enough to offset the carbon emissions involved in manufacture, but enough so that there is less carbon in the air than before we started. Neat, right?
Future Ready
Designed for alternatively fuelled vehicles, with extra care taken to avoid electronic "noise" and interference. Our system is silent, like your car.
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