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Trackstar Secure Ultimate S5

Ultimate Protection

This is the ultimate in stolen vehicle tracking. The pinnacle of tracking technologies, merged into one ultra-secure package, providing the highest level of protection for the most valuable and rarest vehicles. As well as its Thatcham S5 approval and advanced driver recognition tags, alerting you to any unauthorised vehicle movement, this top-of-the-line tracking system is equipped with a backup sleeper system, impervious to GPS signal jamming and covertly buried deep within the vehicle This ensures that in the unlikely event of the primary tracking system being disabled or tampered with, the backup sleeper system can be activated, providing weeks’ worth of constant live tracking anywhere in the world. Due to the enhanced security of the system and the requirement for specialist installation engineers, we may in some cases be required to alter your installation date to accomodate.

£1,198.00 Inc. VAT


Designed for the irreplaceable
We know your vehicle might be one of a kind, or hard to replace. Our system is carefully designed to help ensure you never have to
Silent and undetectable
Designed to emit undetectable amount of electronic noise, helping to combat signal jamming efforts
The Ultimate in Tracking Technology
With a separately located, alternatively powered and undetectable failsafe device, the Ultimate is the ultimate choice in Stolen vehicle Tracking
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