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Teletrac Navman transforms Trackstar Offering with AI Assistant

By Teletrac Navman | Press Releases | August 2019

Leading stolen vehicle tracking provider Teletrac Navman Automotive has launched a new AI automated voice assistant, that will enable the business to monitor and respond quicker to more incidences of vehicle theft than ever before.

The Trackstar Automated Response Assistant, or TARA for short, is an AI based virtual assistant that is able to monitor for potential signs of vehicle theft and contact owners to clarify if vehicles are safe and accounted for.

Because TARA sits in the cloud, it is operational 24/7 every day of the year and able to respond to theft alarms in less than one second, as well as respond to 100s of alarms at the same time, ensuring greater coverage and support for Trackstar’s customer base.

TARA’s AI functionality, based on the same technology as Amazon’s Alexa product, also means the system can ask questions, interpret answers and is constantly learning to manage false alerts more efficiently, so focus can be spent on working actual thefts and recoveries.

Teletrac Navman Automotive’s TrackStar product currently manages more than 200,000 vehicles and 375,000 alarms every year for both major prestige OEMs, the Leisure market and the general public. The introduction of TARA enables greater scalability for the business without loss of service.

Every second counts in finding stolen vehicles and it is well proven that the quicker we identify a stolen vehicle, the higher the likelihood is of a swift recovery.

The introduction of TARA means we can service our customers more effectively and efficiently than ever before, leading to better outcomes for vehicle owners across the country. However, for those who still like a personal touch in these sorts of incidences, if you identify your vehicle has been stolen, TARA will transfer you to one of our UK based Emergency Desk theft specialists who will assist you and liaise with the Police to have your vehicle recovered.

Jonathon Eaves

Managing Director of Stolen Vehicle Tracking and Traffic Services, Teletrac Navman

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