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Summer is Saved

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Summer is Saved

Summer is Saved!

It was a lucky day for one motorhome owner in Derby yesterday, when our Trackstar emergency team received a call from a customer confirming that their motorhome was stolen from the home, in a suspected relay attack.


By working quickly and efficiently, we were able to raise a live track and guide police to the vehicle’s location.

Due to the speed and efficiency of all involved, the vehicle was successfully recovered, undamaged.

Keyless thefts, such as through relay attacks make up more than ninety percent of thefts reported to us, here at Trackstar. Simple techniques like keeping your keys away from the front door of your home, using a faraday pouch or even keeping your keys in a foil lined box can help to prevent this happening.

If you do become a victim of theft however, having a Thatcham approved Trackstar Stolen vehicle tracker can be the difference between seeing your car again or not. 

Check out the products on the right, or look at the Buy Trackstar page to see our range and order yours today! 

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