Trackstar App Help 

App Hints and Tips

How do I report a theft?

Reporting a theft through your Trackstar app is easy.  Take a look at this helpful video to find out how.

How do I add a new Bluetooth Driver ID tag?

Adding a Bluetooth driver ID tag is simple. 

Follow the video below to find out how.  Remember, Bluetooth tags are only available on Trackstar systems utilising the TN475 hardware.  This became available in November 2020.  If your Trackstar system was fitted before that, you won’t be able to add a Bluetooth tag using the app and must follow the previous method, which will be sent to you with your replacement tag. 

Changing account details

Want to view or change your account details in the app?  Take a look at the video below to find out how. 


“What is a Geofence and how do I set one” you may be asking yourself… 

Take a look at the video below to find out more. 


If you have found your way to this page, you already know how to find the best practice videos, but if you would like some information on how to contact us, take a look at the video below to find out how. 


Take a look at the video below to see how to use the “journeys” section of the app, which will allow you to replay past journeys and show you the average speed the vehicle was travelling between each plot point. 




What is tara?
  • TARA is an AI virtual based assistant who will monitor potential signs of theft from your vehicle and contact you to ensure your vehicle is safe.
  • Based on the same technology as Amazon Alexa TARA is a unique assistant that is constantly learning.
What are the Benefits of TARA?
  • TARA is able to respond to potential alarms in less than 1 second! Every second counts in finding stolen vehicles and it is well proven that the quicker we identify a stolen vehicle, the higher likelihood of its swift recovery
  • TARA never needs a break, does not take holiday and does not get sick! She is truly working 24/7/365 to protect your vehicle
  • TARA allows us to manage false alerts more efficiently so we can spend some more time working on real customer thefts and recoveries
How to use Tara?
  • Are you responsible for this vehicle? Please state “Yes” or “No”
  • When asked security questions, please answer with “Option 1” or “Option 2” or “Option 3”, or enter 1,2,3 on your number keypad, for clearer understanding
  • When asked is your vehicle safe, please answer “Yes” or “No”
What if my vehicle is discovered stolen and I get contacted by TARA?

In the event of a genuine theft, TARA will immediately hand the call across to one of our dedicated operators who will assist you and liaise with the police to track and recover your vehicle

What if TARA is not successful in contacting me?
If TARA is unable to make contact with you to validate the alert, the alert will be passed through to our operations desk for one of our specialist operators to handle