30% smaller - more covert


Thatcham approved


1 Box Solution for a faster install

Latest technology driver ID tags (DRTs) for a more secure system

Internal Aerial for a faster install

Upgraded GPS and GSM and motion sensor technology

Latest cellular technology

Meets the British Insurance Industry Quality Accreditation

The Trackstar TN475 is 

fully Thatcham S7 and S5 compliant

Trackstar uses a secure GPS/GSM unit with integrated motion sensor to communicate with the 24/7/365 Trackstar Secure Operations Centre (SOC).
  • TARA AI Based Assistant: Monitors potential signs of theft and false alarms and contacts you in less than 1 second to secure your vehicle.
  • GPS Locating
  • GSM Locating
  • Global coverage
  • Integrated motion sensor
  • Anti-tamper alert
  • Signal Jamming alert
  • Police endorsed
  • Internal lithium battery back up
  • Manufacturer approved
  • Insurance industry approved
  • New app

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