Security through innovation

At Trackstar we pride ourselves on our innovative solutions to growing problems. That’s why our stolen vehicle tracking systems are trusted by the likes of BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford and many more vehicle manufacturers to provide a cutting edge service and recovery rate, unrivalled by our competitors.


Trackstar Stolen Vehicle Tracking’s Tracking systems are Thatcham approved, Police Approved and Manufacturer approved.

Whether you have a modern SUV, a supercar, a family saloon, a motorhome or a classic car, there is a Trackstar Stolen vehicle tracker for you. 

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smooth running

Trackstar approved accessories help you to keep your system running as smoothly as possible as well as providing that extra bit of security to keep your car secure. 

With Driver recognition tags, S7-S5 upgrade kits faraday pouches and more, our Trackstar accessories are a must have for any security savvy vehicle owner.