Become a Trackstar retailer installer

As a Trackstar retailer installer you will be fantastically placed to make a handsome profit by re-selling our Thatcham approved stolen vehicle tracking systems and also being able to install them as well.

Being the ONLY stolen vehicle tracking supplier approved for use across multiple OEM brands puts you in the best position by selling Trackstar.

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We Will Give you

Comprehensive Training

By becoming a Trackstar retailer installer… 

You will be offered full training on all Trackstar products, administering a Trackstar sale and identifying suitable Trackstar customers.  You will also be offered full installation training and will become a certified Trackstar installer.

A Dedicated Regional Business Manager

Shortly after becoming a Trackstar retailer installer…

You will be contacted by the regional business manager covering your area, who will arrange to meet with you and answer any questions you may have and give you hints and tips to maximise your Trackstar sales.

Full support from the wider team

At Trackstar we look after eachother…

As a Trackstar retailer installer, as well as full support from your RBM, you will also be given full support from the admin team and the emergency desk when needed

Web Assets and POS
You will be provided with…

All of the web assets you need to give Trackstar prominence on your website as well as PDF copies of all point of sale material you require.  If you run a retail store, when your RBM visits for the first time, they will provide hard copies of the point of sale material for you to provide to your customers.

Active Advertising and reciprocal business

We will actively advertise Trackstar…

Through various mediums and ensure that your business name and contact details are made available in dealer listings that we publish from time to time.  We will also offer reciprocal business from time to time from OEM dealerships

We Expect

Display Trackstar POS Where Available
We expect all Trackstar Retailers to actively promote the sale of Trackstar products to suitable customers and to display Trackstar point of sale where available, in both retail outlets and online.
Maintain adequate stock levels
Stolen vehicle tracking customers often want a quick service…

We therefore expect all Trackstar retailers to ensure their stock levels are kept at an adequate level to ensure a quick and efficient service.


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