Having a vehicle stolen can be terrifying, as well as a huge inconvenience! As well as investing in a Thatcham Approved Trackstar Stolen vehicle tracking system, there are a couple of other really simple things you can do to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of car theft


Keep your keys away from doors and windows when not in use. If you have keyless entry, thieves can use technology to copy the key’s signal which enables them to make entry into the vehicle and drive away


Choosing to park in well lit areas can reduce your chances of falling victim to car theft. Also, if you park on the street varying your parking spots can also reduce your risk of being targeted

Trackstar Hardware

Stolen vehicle Tracking

Having a system like the Thatcham approved Trackstar S5 Advance not only protects your vehicle from theft, by inhibiting the ignition in the event of a relay attack (80% of all vehicle thefts are via relay attack), it also means that in the unlikely event your vehicle is stolen, you are hundreds of times more likely to have it tracked and recovered, saving you a hefty insurance excess and taking money away from the organised crime gangs that make their living through stolen cars. Take a look at the Trackstar Shop to get yours!