GPS/GSM Asset Locators

Rest safe in the knowledge that your assets can being securely located 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days of the year

Halo by Trackstar

by  Enjoy peace of mind and security in the knowledge that Halo by Trackstar is a small, covert, secure asset and resource location system.  Halo by Trackstar has a 2 year battery life and due to its size can be covertly hidden on or in an almost unlimited number of assets, from briefcases to yachts.

Being a product by Trackstar, one of the largest suppliers of Thatcham approved stolen vehicle trackers in Europe and the only approved supplier of BMW and Jaguar Land Rover, in the event of a theft you will have access to our emergency room team which includes access to all police forces across the UK and Europe.



IP67 Waterproof and dust proof

High Quality Tracking

Switch from Locate to Track Over the Air

Excellent Coverage

Excellent cellular coverage, anywhere in the country

Secure GPS/GSM unit

With integrated motion sensor to communicate with the 24/7/365 HALO Secure Operations Centre

Halo Smartphone App

Asset Location, Geofencing, Theft Reporting

Global Coverage

Global GPS/Glonaas/GSM Asset Locating

Emergency Desk Support

Operational 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Easy Installation

Simple, yet covert DIY installation

Trackstar Products


by Trackstar

£59.99 inc. VAT

1 Year £50 Monthly  £5
Main Features

IP67 Waterproof and dust proof
1 – 2 year battery life
Easy Self installation
L 85 x W63 x H 24mm


by Trackstar

£79.99 inc. VAT

1 Year £50 monthly £5
Main Features

IP67 Waterproof and dust proof
Absorbs knocks and bumps
Designed for outdoors
works in sun and extreme weather
1 – 2 year battery life
Easy Self installation
L 138 x W72 x H 30mm

Experience you can trust



Experts in the provision of asset location and recovery services for over 30 years



Global service provider in over 50 countries



Proven recovery rates from as little as 8 minutes



250,000 connected/tracked vehicles and assets