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Greater Manchester Police recommend Stolen Vehicle Trackers

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Greater Manchester Police Recommend Stolen Vehicle Trackers

Yahoo news have reported that following a successful Police operation at the Trafford Centre, Greater Manchester Police [GMP] have recommended stolen vehicle tracking as a way to significantly increase the chances of your vehicle being located and returned to its rightful owner in the event of a theft.

img src: Greater Manchester Police
Since the operation began, GMP has seen a fall in the number of vehicles being stolen and Chief Inspector Shoheb Chowdhury said no vehicle thefts had been reported in the last two weeks. “So far we have recovered five vehicles, two Ford Fiesta and three Range Rovers, and arrested 12 individuals.  It has been 14 days since a vehicle has been reported as stolen from the Trafford Centre and we will continue this momentum by ensuring that we have officers out patrolling the car parks and giving out prevention advice at our crime prevention stalls inside the Trafford Centre.”

He said there are ways that the general public can reduce their risk of falling victim to a vehicle theft. 


  • Double checking your car is locked when leaving it. Criminals can use signal blockers to prevent the signal from the fob reaching your vehicle, so you should make sure you verify visually that your vehicle has locked.
  • Use a faraday bag. The wire mesh lining of a faraday pouch can prevent radio signals from escaping, reducing the chances of falling victim to a relay attack (link relay attack article)
  • Don’t leave valuables on display. Even small items like loose change, or a satnav holder can be enough to invite a criminal to break in to investigate further.
  • Invest in a Tracking device. Whilst these won’t prevent your vehicle being stolen, they significantly increase the chances of your vehicle being located and returned to its rightful owner. 
Trackstar offers Thatcham approved S7 and S5 stolen vehicle trackers, with emergency desks around the world monitoring hundreds of thousands of vehicles every day.  Our high recovery rate is testament to the hard work, care and efficiency our operators put into every single theft that they receive. 


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