Registering the MyTrackstar app


This guide will show you how to register your MyTrackstar app on iOS and Android.  Please note that if this is the first time using the MyTrackstar app you will need to register, even if you have a username and password on the previous Trackstar app.




Download the MyTrackstar app from the Apple app store or the Google play store




Open the MyTrackstar app and on the registration screen enter the email address and phone number registered to your account. You can find out which phone number and email address is registered by logging in to your Eurowatch account on secure.eurowatchcentral.com





Click to accept terms and conditions and press “Go” or “next





Choose a 6 digit pin code (numbers only) which you will use to log in in future if you do not allow Face ID or Fingerprint ID





An email will be sent to your registered email address with a code.




Enter the code from your email.  You can now choose whether to enable Face ID or Fingerprint ID


You are now in the MyTrackstar app! You can now view your journeys, last location, set geofences, report a theft, stand down alarms and manage your account. You can also talk to us via live chat by cliking on the “feed tab”