This guide will show you how to add new Blue-tag driver identification tags. This function is only available on TN475 systems which began rolling out in January 2021. If you have a teardrop shaped tag casing you have a Blue tag. If you have a black oblong tag, you cannot pair tags in this way and will need to contact our customer support team




Log in to your MyTrackstar app using Fingerprint, Face ID or passcode.




Ensure your engine is running and navigate to and press the “account” icon on the MyTrackstar app menu





Click “tags”





Press the “+” icon at the top right hand side of the page





Open your new tag casing using your fingernails or a plastic instrument




Enter the “hash” code from the sticker on the Circuit board into the “tag serial” section of the app.  If your code has colons “:” do not enter these


Enter a name for your tag, press Bluetooth and press submit. Within 15 minutes you will receive notification that your tag has been successfully paired. Cycle the ignition twice afterwards with 20 seconds between turning off and starting ignition to finish pairing.