This guide will show you how to set a geofence on the MyTrackstar app for iOS and Android.  A Geofence is a virtual fence.  When your vehicle’s ignition is switched off outside of the Geofence, you will receive a push notification to the app (if you have enabled push notifications).  If the vehicle has been stolen, you can then report the theft using the My Trackstar app

Log in to your MyTrackstar app using Fingerprint, Face ID or passcode.

Navigate to and press the geofence icon on the MyTrackstar menU


Press set, to set a Geofence on the last location of the vehicle. The last location is determined by the last time the ignition was turned off


If you would like to change the location of the Geofence, move the car to the location you would like to set, navigate to the Geofence tab and press reset


You can turn off geofences, by navigating to the Geofence Tab and moving the slider at the bottom of the screen from the “on” position to the “off” position